Who is SkyyFire?


Jasmine Jenkins Downing, also known as Ocean SkyyFire and "The Jazzie 1," is the Founder of SkyyFire Productions.  As a professional model and media personality, she serves her creative gifts under the name Ocean SkyyFire to bring a distinction to who she is as a talent vs. who she is from day to day as a person. The name Ocean SkyyFire means "Deep, full of meaning, scorching with emotions," which is a reflection of the purpose & passion of The Jazzie 1. 

SkyyFire Productions is a supreme industry connection for those pursuing careers in the modeling, entertainment, performing and creative arts industries. The SkyyFire team contributes to the success of aspiring models & talents across the world by providing career development programs, online courses & professional opportunities to gain industry exposure and experience.   



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Talent Manager

Model Coach

Motivational Speaker

Published Author

Media Personality

Executive Producer

Content Creator

Small Business Consultant

The Founder/CEO of SkyyFire Productions was honored as a Phoenix Trailblazer in The Voyage Magazine!  Click here to check out the article.

SkyyFire Productions